Life Coach Certification Courses & Curriculum

Our ICF-Approved Life Coach Certification Program consists of two interactive and intensive classes as well as Mentor Coaching hours.

Coach Certification Class (CC101) is a 30-hour ICF-Approved Training Program. CC 101 is LCIA’s introductory class. It is offered Friday–Sunday (9am-6pm each day). CC 101 consists of 6 hours of required prerequisite homework due at the time of registration on day one (Friday) followed by 24 hours of face-to- face class hours. All training hours are closely monitored for reporting purposes to the International Coach Federation (ICF).

  • A detailed training and overview of the ICF Code of Ethics and Core Competencies
  • The History of Life Coaching
  • Scope of practice for Life Coaching
  • Life Coaching in 3D – LCIA’s unique approach to Life Coaching that will support your clients in the successful attainment of their objectives
  • Niche/specialties within the Life Coaching profession
  • Overview of Motivational Interviewing as it relates to effective Life Coaching. This skill-set will enhance your current professional and personal relationships.
  • Role-playing and demonstrations provided by trainers
  • Practicum work with your colleagues throughout your training. Trainers will provide on-going supervision and feedback to enhance your skill-set development.
  • Client assessment applications
  • Goal-setting tools
  • Administrative Forms Provided to include: welcome letters, data intake forms, session preparation forms, assessments, goal setting tools, and other valuable resources.
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Graduate Advanced Training Class (ACT 201) is a 30 hour ICF approved curriculum, 6 hours of prerequisite work due at check in, day one, and 24 hours of face-to-face class training hours. This class curriculum consists of:

  • Comprehensive Review of ICF Code of Ethics and Core Competencies and advanced focus and application on the Core Competencies utilizing Motivational Interviewing communication skill set and our very own “Life Coaching in 3D”.
  • Complex training in Motivational Interviewing with specific focus on complex reflections, the four processes of Motivational Interviewing and the integration of tools designed to enhance coach to hear and elicit change talk in the coaching relationship. Additionally, we will train our LCIA graduates to identify sustain and change talk, the sweet spot of ambivalence and the art of effectively providing collaborative support in client interaction.
  • Advanced training in “Life Coaching in 3D”; understanding the sequential movement of the client with intentional guidance from coach to identify client movement towards their desired change
  • Group work presentations
  • Motivational Interviewing skills presented will support the communication skill-sets learned in Certification Class. Additionally, we will train our LCIA graduates in complex reflections, sustain and change talk, the sweet spot of ambivalence and the art of effectively providing collaborative support in client interaction.
  • Real-play and demonstrations provided by trainers with students. Students will provide effective feedback using observation worksheets.
  • Intensive practicum work that will provide students with a minimum of 6 hours of supervised coaching. Hours of coach practicum training may be used for required hour log for ICF’s ACC unpaid coaching hours requirements. Trainers will provide students with written evaluations as it relates to skills taught.
  • Students will learn how to evaluate and will be given the opportunity to engage as observers if skill-set demonstrates competency
  • Overview of group coaching to include: the formulation of fee structure, group guidelines, group processes and organization, and group formation.
  • Group coaching practicum (minimum of 3 hours) facilitated by trainers
  • Questions and Answers regarding the ICF’s ACC application process and LCIA Mentor Coaching Program
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Mentor Coaching (MC) 301 offers 10 hours of Mentor Coaching to all student-coaches seeking credentialing through the International Coach Federation (ICF) as an Associate Certified Coach (ACC). Mentor coaching is available to both LCIA and non-LCIA graduates. LCIA adheres to the ICF definition and provision of mentor coaching guidelines. LCIA partners with each student coach in both individual and group mentor coaching formats to specifically focus on the development of their coaching skills. ICF requires a minimum of 10 hours of mentor coaching over a minimum of a three (3) month period of time as part of their application requirement for the ACC Credentialing. Please refer to the ICF website for all ACC Credentialing requirements.

LCIA’s ICF Mentor Coaching will provide students with:
1. Documentation of completion of hours of mentor coaching for submission to ICF
2. Clear and concise objectives for mentee
3. Clear ethical considerations and conversations through mentor modeling, engagement and guidance with their mentee
4. Written and verbal feedback and reflections to mentee regarding both strengths and areas that need development for a deeper level of mastery in coaching
5. Encouragement in mentee’s coaching style as is congruent with ICF core competencies
6. Guidance and mentoring in the Spirit of Motivational Interviewing
7. Respect and cultural consideration in mentor coaching
8. A safe and trusting space that will allow for fully engaged communication

Mentor Coaching sessions will focus on:

  • Specific Core Competencies to be discussed at the onset of the mentor coaching session and the integration of coaching ethics
  • Mentee’s coaching skill
  • Participation in mentor coach sessions work as coach and be coached with support and guidance of mentor coach. Each student will have the opportunity to participate in each role.
  • Modeling effective communication and effective listening skills in the Spirit of Motivational Interviewing
  • Supporting the professional development of mentees and their unique style of coaching with cultural sensitivity and competency
  • Mentee’s strengths and the introduction of professional growth development to support mentee in their potential of leveraged coaching
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***Please note, all courses and programs offered at Life Coaching Institute of America are taught in the English language.

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