The Art of Affirmation for Life Coaches

The Art of Affirmation

by Leslie Schultz (Co-Founder)

Certifying Professional Life Coaches has been such an incredible privilege over the past couple of years! Our Certified Professional Life Coach graduates are positively impacting lives in both their personal and professional relationships as evidenced by their acquired skill set in our certifications LCIA holds the heartfelt conviction that we learn by “doing” and by ‘listening’ ~ and that makes our time together very meaningful. Relationships and networking are developed among the Life Coaching candidates through our interactive class exercises. LCIA’s framework is based on the principles of Motivational Interviewing, and active listening skills is a critical component in our training. I often correlate this to the peeling back of an onion, or a parfait (as was depicted in the movie “Shrek”)! It is getting back to the basics, giving up our preconceived thought and agenda that we know what is best for others. We learn to become a motivational and collaborative Life Coach for benefit of our clients.

There are key listening skills learned and practiced in LCIA’s training and certification. One of the most challenging and meaningful is that of ‘Affirmation’. It is essential for an effective Life Coach to be connected to their client, their client’s values, goals, their vision ~ hopes and dreams. It requires that their Life Coach become transparent and move from intellect to the emotion and transparency of their heart as they reflect their client’s genuine growth, insights and motivation for change. Affirmation is a lost art and a skill that LCIA brings back to life in the life coaching relationship. Affirmation connects individuals in an intimate manner, all the while maintaining professional focus on the client’s objectives. Affirmation often times helps build the bridge that enables a client to crossover…change…without fear, to the specific goals they are in process of achieving.

Our Life Coach training program provides a safe environment for Life Coach candidates to acquire such skills (and many more) and connect in a meaningful way with their colleagues. They learn the skill of affirmation and feel the impact that genuine affirmation provides– all in a professional context. Our lives have been deeply impacted and changed by the graduates of our Coach Training Program, and we are forever grateful for their trust in us!

Seek to affirm someone today! Be a genuine life changer!

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