Wally JoynerThrough my 16 years of Major League Baseball I had plenty of Managers and Coaches that prepared me for the next game, but what they didn’t help me with was the rest of my life after Baseball. What I learned through the Life Coaching Institute of America’s (LCIA) Certification Program taught by Gina and Leslie was INCREDIBLE!! The knowledge that they provided along with the hands on training was enjoyable and enlightening. The time I spent learning about Life Coaching has better prepared me for Life’s Challenges that we all will have!!! I am very excited to have become credentialed through LCIA and I suggest this training to all that are interested in becoming successful Professional Life Coaches!

Wally Joyner
Professional Baseball Player (MLB)

Leslie and Gina were AMAZING in their abilities to educate our group about the endless benefits of Life Coaching--exploring how to ask the questions which can create a soul searching experience, and helping to figure out which obstacles are keeping you from reaching the life you have dreamed of having.

Lesley Joyner

The training provided has been applicable and thorough. I feel completely equipped to move forward professionally. This experience has been deeply valuable.

Cathy Regan

I came into this program not knowing much about Life Coaching. I wasn't sure if this was something I needed but upon completion of the program, I'm so happy that I made the choice to come here! I've learned so many things about myself as well as skills that can be applied in my daily life. Attending this program is one of the best choices I have ever made!

Andrea Park

This course is amazing! It will not only grow you professionally but it will also enhance all of your personal relationships! People will say this thing or that thing changed my life...Life Coaching Institute of America changed me from the inside to make my life on the outside AMAZING!....I believe anyone considering Life Coaching should take the opportunity to attend this training to obtain or sharpen skill sets needed to be successful, both in their profession and even in their personal life.

Jill Sherman-Warne

Leslie & Gina were really helpful, resourceful and motivating throughout the entire training. They were very friendly, kind and patient in answering questions and also in providing the feedback. One should really take this training session at least to get to know these two wonderful people, but [more importantly] to learn amazing motivational, communication and listening tools & techniques.

Devansh Shurla

It is a rarity when a student feels such a real connection with an instructor. Leslie's coaching and training works not only because of her vast subject of knowledge, but due to her obvious determination that every student leaves armed with a bountiful repertoire of learned tools. A warm approach a knowable instructor…a caring mentor…all qualities of Leslie Schultz! Our relationship will last a lifetime!

Bo Baker

The two days spent training/learning through Life Coaching Institute of America has been an incredible journey! The program and its' leaders [Leslie & Gina] have empowered me to coach myself as well as coach others! Thank you so much for your time and appreciation for life & people!

Grace Jumi Park

This work is very effective and easy to learn, it will support you in your life and will change the way you work with clients. Leslie Schultz is a wonderful teacher and she teaches with high clarity. I absolutely loved this class and recommend it to everyone!

Doris Hirschfeld

The method in which Leslie delivers the message evokes inspiration and the desire to get this [Life Coaching] skill-set and really own them. Because she shows that she embodies the spirit of M.I. So as we learn it, we see it.

Angel L. Santiago

This weekend was truly life changing! It was absolutely amazing. I can use these tools in my everyday life as well as with my own self-healing! Life Coaching Institute of America taught me valuable things I will use each and every day.

Samantha Jimenez

Life Coaching Institute of America set forth a complete and detailed course of study for Life Coaching and all components relating to it. It was a revelation to learn and practice this material, that is based on the concepts of Motivational Interviewing. Thank you for all the invaluable tools and knowledge!

Joan Moran

I absolutely loved the insightful teaching and one-of-a-kind skills that I learned through my training and certification with Life Coaching Institute of America. I now have additional tools and knowledge to use and apply when mentoring men and troubled teens. I recommend Life Coaching Institute of America to anyone and everyone!

Barry Yamron

This weekend was an exceptional learning experience. Not only have I learned the confidence and necessary skill sets needed to practice Life Coaching, but I have discovered so much of myself and so much about my own personal goals and desires. Both Gina and Leslie are genuine and a great support to help you get to where you’re going as a Professional Life Coach.

Michel Sproles

This weekend’s program was so enlightening. I learned so much --specifically, the skills needed for life coaching and those beneficial to my life in general.

Donna Ballard

The training that Life Coaching Institute of America provided me helped set up the foundation for a life-long process of proper Life Coaching, "3D Life Coaching!"

Irene Bold

Leslie and Gina are extremely genuine, authentic, passionate and ethical in their motivations to help Life Coaches in-training. I am very grateful for the interactive training I received, the experience to grow personally, and the opportunity to do so with a super group of people.

Courtney O'Brien

I attended a Life Coaching Institute of America certification in July 2012 and enjoyed it so much I came back for my "no-charge Refresher Course" in November 2012. Leslie's passion, experience and knowledge for instructing is amazing and Gina's gift of communicating with attendees is warm, friendly, welcoming and knowledgeable.

Kelly Eastwood

Thank you so much for a wonderful, enriching weekend.

Mary Jane O'Neill

Motivational Interviewing has given me a whole new mindset on coaching--eye opening around trust, respect and resistance. I highly recommend this training!

Sabrina Williams

Life Coaching is an advantage that can assist anyone! Taking this course has helped me in my own self-discovery. Learning that we are all holding our own answers was huge. I love the idea that we are guiding someone in their own words and their own thoughts. Watching another discover that which was hidden in their heart is powerful.

Monica Minardi

This experience not only helped me but will help other's growth. I want to take this training a third time--you can never learn enough!

Samantha Jimenez

I came to this experience heartbroken. I had ended all contact with my ex-boyfriend of two years the night before. With all sincerity, this training has not only provided me with certification to become a Life Coach, but it also provided me hope. It has given me goals and inspired me to move forward when I really felt lost. I found out that the power to do so in all of us.

Audrey Barsotti

Over the course of two days, I learned about my fellow students, through interactive exercises and using tools that Life Coaching Institute of America has provided me with--more than I have with most of my closest relationships in my life. The tools I acquired gave me a secure basis in how to make others feel comfortable in opening up with their own personal struggles. This Life Coaching Certification Program incorporates skills that allow one to grow as a human.

Ryan Rippon

Beneficial program. Concepts can be used by anyone working with people.

Gaylan LeRoy Mills

The 2-day training was packed with practical information and practice sessions enabling me to launch my coaching business with confidence and a secure sense of connection with an exciting new professional community.

Deborah T. Grant

This weekend of training was extremely valuable to me and my current self-improvement business. I was able to gain some basic tools that will allow me to customize them in my own way in order to best benefit my clients, so they are able to expand and manifest whatever is useful in their own life.

Skip Neal

The presenters were wonderful, very knowledgeable and dynamic. This training will go a long way for improving my communication skills.

Casey Greene

The workshop was timely, very organized, relevant with very realistic materials!

Valerie Y. Woodard

This class was so informative and helpful! I believe this course will be so valuable in helping people reach their goals-- in both their communities as well as personal lives.

Bob Hill
Dumbarton, Scotland

When I walked into this class I had no clue how or where I would utilize this certification. Thank God, for you two who taught with great interaction to the point. Where am I now confident in where I can and will go in this career field.

Arnise Jackson

Leslie and Gina are awesome! The training received through LCIA was hands-on, easy to understand, and
relaxed. The training gave me the confidence and skill-set needed to begin my journey to opening a
Successful Life Coaching Practice.

Deborah Bland

I learned how I tend to communicate with others. Also how everyone communicates very differently. I learned why I am a “Shark” and how to use this later on in my career path to a be a social worker.

Gloria Moreno
San Pasqual Tribe

I definitely took what I have learned today to reflect on my professional and personal experiences.

Carolina Johnson

This workshop was beneficial. This impacted my view of change, in a different dynamic way of empowering
Myself. “Awesome work ladies”.

Helen Medina

I am a previous graduate of the Life Coaching Institute of America. Occasionally, it is very helpful and sometimes even necessary to have a “refresher” session. As life can cloud our brains and blur our focus with all its many demands. Leslie and Gina have generously made provision for previous attendees to re-attend for this purpose at no charge. I found the depth of instruction, in particular with regard to the many outstanding Motivational Interviewing concepts, both invigorating and very timely. I knew the presentation quality from Leslie simply could not be improved upon, but I was wrong! Her sincerity, depth of knowledge, presentation techniques, and love for her calling are simply unparalleled and absolutely captivating. The two – day refresher has regenerated my commitment and vision for the future. “TOP SHELF”

Bo Baker
(Regarding the Refresher Course)

Gina and Leslie work well together and do an exceptional job at making sure you have all the tools needed to be a successful Life Coach!

Tyffany Howard

Thank you for providing an educational and life changing event. The event was worth every penny & hour spent learning this skill set.

Kelly Robinson

This course really helped me to become an active listener. I am excited to use these new tools and techniques with all my relationships. I believe that they will help me grow closer to others in ways that provide comfort and security for myself and those around me. My sincerest thanks to Leslie & Gina for guiding my path to amazing possibilities.

Jennifer Albaugh

When I first came here, I did not know if Life Coaching would be suitable for me to utilize in my ministerial counseling; how wrong I was! The Life Coaching skill set will be more effective to me in my ministerial counseling. Leslie & Gina, you ladies are AWESOME! God bless you both on any future endeavors in your lives.

Delann Williams

This presentation was well presented and beneficial to me & my practice.

Debra Black

Training was thorough and the opportunity for "hands on" experience opened my eyes to the possibilities.

Jade Yost

Leslie and Gina have changed my life in one weekend. Thank you for being true to your passions and allowing us to experience such an awesome course. I cannot wait to put all of these principles in to action and contribute to others' well being.

Sandra J. Kanon

This was a transformative weekend-- rich with interactive exercises that helped us all to grow in our personal goals for the future. The facilitators were exceptionally organized, extremely personable and full of constructive feedback.
An altogether great weekend!

Dr. Marilyn Demarest Button

I am so thrilled to have this certification under my belt and in my "toolbox". I have confidence to move forward in the field of Life Coaching. The hands-on training is ABOVE & BEYOND anything you can learn online and/or from a CD. Perfect class...thank you so much Leslie and Gina--for everything!

Carrie Jones

Seeing the hearts and feelings through each other's eyes. Feeling like we were family. What a moving experience to share with others and find truly who I am and be able to set forth with my goals!

Beckie Wuster

I really enjoyed my weekend with Life Coaching Institute of America. This "hands on" approach to learning and certification is "THE REAL DEAL". Totally legitimate and professional! The skills and techniques I learned will help me in my personal training business, with my personal relationships and with my new pursuit of my very own Life Coaching Practice. Bravo!

Rob Strickland

Was exposed to and learned the knowledge & ideas I need to be a successful Life Coach!

Leon Galloway

Any concern about the legitimacy of this Life Coach training class disappeared within minutes of the course starting.

I feel very well prepared and equipped now for Life Coaching. More importantly, the class had a direct impact on me-- feeling more confident in my personal goal construction.

Miguel Cain Cooper

Karl FullerThis is truly a wonderful course with instructors who are even more wonderful. It is a life-expanding experience just taking the certification course and even more so for the training you receive. You learn how to connect with people and interview them in such a way that their growth and solutions come from themselves! No expertise needed. And, if you feel like making a couple of dear friends by the end of the session, you will certainly connect with your classmates as you practice motivational interviewing on each other. I actually benefited from the coaching I received while we were practicing. You will simply fall in love with your instructors as we all did in my certification class! I recommend it with the highest enthusiasm....Leslie and Gina have really provided me with concrete tools and skills to help me achieve my goals and to help others achieve theirs...Life balance, personal growth, and effecting change in one’s self!

Karl Fuller